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Here is some feedback we’ve received from our satisfied home clean out clients over the years regarding our services. If you would like to send us your feedback, we would love to hear from you. Simply email us at:

“THANK YOU ESTATE CLEAR! After mom passed in May we needed to get the house on the market ASAP before the bills and taxes ate away at what little equity there was left in our childhood home after mom refinanced to pay her medical bills in 2004. We just wanted to say thank you for working so quickly with our realtor Janet. I’m sorry there was SOOOO much! Mom never threw anything away. Sorry also that the place was a little destroyed after my brothers and I went through everything. I thought it would take someone a month at least to get it cleared out. 5 days and 2 huge dumpsters later… ‘Swept clean’ indeed! We sold it ‘As-Is’ and got our asking price. Just wanted you to know that we closed at the end of September.”
~Caroline C. (North Minneapolis, October 2016)

“You beat the lowest bid of $4500 by $1825, and did it all for $2675. Looked like all junk to me, so I hope you did well on selling that stuff. Definitely going to call you for our next flip. Good job guys!”
~Albert K. (Lakeville, May 2016)

“THANK YOU ESTATE CLEAR! I didn’t know I was going to hurt my back right after my boyfriend left for Tibet for 3 months. I was worried I couldn’t get our attic and garage cleared out before he got back like I told him I was going to. It would have only left us 2 weeks to do it all before we moved to Arizona after he gets back. Weird that I got paid for having someone else doing all the work. I was just going to donate most of that stuff anyways. Sorry it was so hot in the attic. P.S. I gave your number to our neighbor. He has a storage locker he needs to get rid of. His name is Bud so expect to hear from him.”
~Susan W. (St. Louis Park, August 2015)

“Just got back from my brothers place this morning. PERFECT! Exactly what our realtor said he needed to see. I called the dumpster place and they said they would pick it up tomorrow.”
~James W. (Fridley, August 2015)

“Fast, friendly, cheap. I recommended Estate Clear to everyone.”
~Tim (Blaine, July 2015)

First off I want to say Thank You to everyone at Estate Clear. You exceeded all of our expectations, and we all agree you have been a God send. After dad went so quickly our family felt such a burden suddenly thrust on to us. You completely lifted our load and our spirits. We cannot thank you enough.

None of us knew even where to begin. Ron and Robyn’s ability to lead and organize blew all of us away. They have a Godly gift of patience, kindness, honesty, and even a little tough love for one of us. Everybody expects to have to deal with something like this one day in their lives, but nobody expects it when it actually happens. Thank God Ron, Robyn and Estate Clear were there for our family when we need it most
~Rutger G. (St. Paul, March 2015)